The Little Yogis

Introduce Your Little Ones to Yoga Magic!

Unlock the Power of Yoga Early with Fun and Engaging Activities for Kids

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Yoga is an ancient practice with proven benefits. By starting yoga early, your children will develop their natural flexibility and balance while releasing mental and physical tension.

Developed in partnership with childhood and yoga experts, tested and approved by children and parents.

Yoga can be practiced from the age of 2 by adapting the positions.

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This kit comprises 124 pages of entertaining yoga exercises designed for children. It features a variety of games and activities centered around yoga, aimed at introducing young yogis to the wonders of this ancient practice. Included are 44 yoga position cards, each detailing the benefits of the posture, along with 75 pages containing yoga and relaxation exercises adorned with captivating illustrations. Additionally, the kit offers mini sessions tailored for different times of the day, ensuring ease of comprehension for children as they happily engage in various postures, ranging from the simplest to the most intricate. As a bonus, the kit includes a Mandala workbook and sophrology sessions focusing on emotions such as joy, fear, love, sadness, disgust, and shame.